Choco-Latte is considered the Mascot for the Maples Ranches.  Over the years he thinks he owns the place.  His story starts many years ago belonging to the neighbor girl across the street.  His little pen was small and he shared it with Diana’s mare.  It was messy with lots of old machinery and old cars around the pen.  It was out in the open with no shelter from the weather.  He would watch everyday our big horses get to go out to green pastures, running and playing. He would always call out to them and they would nicker back, turn and kick-up continuing to play.  When Micah was little and growing up we would go over and ask Diana if Micah, (and some of the other little children that would come to visit), if we could borrow Choco-Latte for them to ride for a couple of hours. He would come over and they would all have so much fun.  If Choco-Latte would get loose before we took him home it was a circus trying to catch him or drive him out our gate, to his pen across the street.  He did not want to leave and go home.  One day Diana came over and ask if we wanted to buy him for Micah.  We said yes, but we felt bad for the little horse, because we tried to buy him several times, and Diana couldn’t part with him.  Now he runs with the big horses and they all protect him and take good care of him.